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CanSkate (including PreCanSkate and Parent & Tot)

Each of these programs run in a group format, where the coach/skater ratio is 1:10 maximum, as well as program assistants in each group.  Skaters progress at their own rate and each session includes teaching aids, music and activities to make learning to skate fun and progressive.


Similar to the CanSkate program but lessons in this program focuses on power, balance, agility, speed and endurance, the skills necessary for hockey.


This program focusses on developing figure skating skills in 4 different areas: Dance, Skills, Free Skate and Interpretive, ranging from preliminary to gold levels. StarSkaters have both group and private lessons that are paid for separately by the skaters.


Not sure which program to register your skater for?  Here is some information from our Head Coach, John MacMullen:

Understanding the Difference between "Pre-CanSkate" and "CanSkate" programs

The "pre" program is all about helping new skaters to feel comfortable and get a sense of enjoyment from being on the ice.  The very basic essentials are focused on such as balance, proper movement of lower and upper body, and understanding of basic mechanics of skating - getting up off the ice, walking forward, backward, stopping, picking feet up off of the ice, etc.
The CanSkate program assumes that the fundamentals are mastered, and that skaters are looking to go deeper in their ability to skate. Focus on improved and excellent balance, control and agility are focused upon in and over a six stage process.  Skate Canada firmly believes that by completing these six levels skater graduates are fully ready to enter into an ice sport of their choice such as figure skating, hockey, speed skating, etc.
If you have any questions about which program is best for your skater, feel free to email us at